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Fresh Color: Changing up your Palette

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

I think the Greeks have it right. In most of the Cycladic islands, houses were painted white to reflect the harsh summer sun. So, it started for let's say "bioclimatic" or "ecological" reasons, to make houses a little more heat resistant, with the knowledge people had at the time. However, it became a stylistic trademark ( #greekstyle #limitedcolorpallete) which stuck.

Limiting the color palette makes it stylistically fresh. We see this principal applied in Skandinavian design. Often people make the mistake, when decorating using every color of the spectim. This becomes problematic and creates a sense of chaos.

“By minimizing the colors in a room- sticking to color families with a complementing accent or two, you can relax the eye and create breathing room.

White palettes and minimalism (#decor #dreamspace #summer #amybarberart) are key when aiming for the clean modernity of a well styled home.

Modern ideas translate to other aesthetics

I gravitate toward modernism, (#astylistsadvice #freshenupyourspace) but it doesn't have to be the rule. The principals of limiting your palette can be applied to rustic cozy environments as well as others. If you notice the outdoor spaces depicted, you will see the lines are not clean. They veer away from modern. Cozy is a good adjective for describing them. Painted another way, they could be shanty, simple, poor. But the clean use of whites and a saturated accent has boosted them to an elevated level and they are quite lovely. The point is to edit. Take the personality of the space and enhance it using these rules of thumb.

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