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East of Eden - The Best of Parisian Markets

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Everything in Paris is interesting, aesthetic. A few years ago I made a trip across the Atlantic to meet my Bulgarian friends in the City of Light.

Having lived in Paris for a while my friends guided me way off the beaten path. Narrow alleys leading to the stoop of a dark bar, delightfully opened into an unmarked entrance of an uber weird, but cool flea market.

“Hipsters couldn't make this up if they tried. Part of the charm was the sheer oddity of juxtapositions. Moving through a massive building, it felt like we were meandering through an interactive theatrical happening.”

The massive city is rich with texture and unexpected color palettes. I found myself documenting everything from flower stands, to art deco chandeliers, to the interesting pile of a street person's belongings...

Parisian buttons, vintage costume jewelry, collectible brick-a-brack, dishes from the turn of the century... this place was a time capsule for anyone who loves culture and history.

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